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Passivhaus - the golden ticket to net zero?

United Kingdom - November 24 2021 With buildings Accounting for 35% of global energy consumption, building design and efficiency are increasingly the focus of efforts to reduce carbon…

Stuart Murray, Anna Reilly

A return to construction management?

United Kingdom - November 2 2021 Construction management (CM) has generally always been perceived as a high-risk procurement strategy for clients embarking on construction projects…

Juliet Haldane

Energy Academy - New Engineering Contract (NEC) suite of contracts

United Kingdom - October 28 2021 In the Second Session of our Energy Academy Autumn series, Jane McMonagle and Juliet Haldane, both from our transactional construction and…

Juliet Haldane, Laura Petrie

The race to net zero: new energy performance targets for buildings?

United Kingdom - October 19 2021 Climate change has never been higher on the agenda. With the Scottish Government's target of becoming a net-zero society by 2045 and some Councils…

Kirsteen Milne, Anna Reilly

Housebuilding Conversations: with Stewart Dalgarno from Stewart Milne Group

United Kingdom - September 14 2021 In our latest Housebuilding Conversation, Elaine Farquharson-Black and Jane McMonagle discuss modern methods of construction with Stewart Dalgarno…

Elaine Farquharson-Black