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What changes did the Budget make to alcohol duty?

United Kingdom - November 2 2021 Acknowledging that "the current system did not function well" the Chancellor announced proposed changes to the alcohol duty system in this week's…

Eric Galbraith

Top takeaways - UK Autumn Budget - 27 October 2021

United Kingdom - October 27 2021 This article originally appeared in The Scotsman.

Karen Davidson, Isobel D'Inverno, Bob Langridge, Rebekah Leviston, Claire Withers

What to do if a contractor challenges an IR35 / off-payroll working status determination.

United Kingdom - October 8 2021 Under the "new" IR35 rules, known as off-payroll working rules, the client is responsible for determining if the contractor, engaged by via an…

Karen Davidson

Investing in a whisky company - what you need to think about

United Kingdom - September 14 2021 There are 134 whisky distilleries operating in Scotland and there are thought to be over 90 gin distilleries. Each will have had to secure the…

Eric Galbraith

IR35 and off-payroll working - time to dust off last year's prep

United Kingdom - October 23 2020 This year has seen HR teams having to respond quickly to new regimes, where the rules were necessarily introduced in haste and HMRC guidance…

Karen Davidson