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Buying casks of Scotch whisky - pouring over the detail

United Kingdom - March 13 2023 There has been a remarkable increase in the volume of Scotch whisky cask sales in recent years, attracting interest from buyers across the world…

Martin Sloan

Scotland's Deposit Return Scheme: Considerations for Lenders and Borrowers

United Kingdom - March 8 2023 Scotland's deposit return scheme ("DRS") remains scheduled to go live on 16 August 2023. In this blog we will move away from the specific…

Charles Livingstone

Scotland's deposit return scheme - obligations on retailers

United Kingdom - January 23 2023 This is our third blog covering the compliance requirements under the Scottish Government's recently launched comprehensive deposit return scheme…

Charles Livingstone

Scotland's Deposit Return Scheme - navigating roles and responsibilities

United Kingdom - January 23 2023 The Scottish Government's comprehensive deposit return scheme (DRS), scheduled to come into effect on 16 August 2023, will impose significant…

Charles Livingstone

Commercial Law Update - looking forward to 2023

European Union, United Kingdom - January 12 2023 Following our 2022 round up, as promised, we have pulled together a selection of legal developments that we anticipate will happen in 2023. As with…

Grant Campbell, Elaine McIlroy, Andy Nolan, Robert Ross, Martin Sloan