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COP27 and the race to net zero

United Kingdom - November 17 2022 With COP27, the United Nations' 27th Climate Change Conference, underway in Egypt, the spotlight falls on businesses' efforts to meet their ambitious…

Catriona Salton, Martin Sloan

Data Protection and GDPR update

European Union, United Kingdom - November 16 2022 In our regular six monthly GDPR and data protection update, we looked at recent developments in data protection and ePrivacy law, including: the…

Rachel Lawson, Martin Sloan

US Data Privacy Framework approval moves a step closer

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - October 9 2022 President Biden has signed an Executive Order introducing new safeguards that seek to address the concerns raised by the European Court of Justice in…

Martin Sloan

Facilities management: cost challenges - is insourcing the answer?

United Kingdom - September 30 2022 Across the world, this year has seen levels of inflation and rising costs not seen since the early 1990's. For many businesses just emerging from the…

Andy Nolan, Robert Ross

What are the top five challenges facing the facilities management sector?

United Kingdom - August 22 2022 The facilities management ("FM") industry has faced substantial disruption since 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically and unexpectedly…

Andy Nolan, Catriona Salton