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The importance of Pay Less Notices

United Kingdom - September 16 2022 A recent decision of the Technology and Construction Court has reiterated the need for careful drafting when issuing a Pay Less Notice (PLN) under a…

Simon Andrews

Who'd be a contractor? The ongoing issues of material availability and price increases

European Union, United Kingdom - March 18 2022 For many months now contractors have faced serious problems with increased prices and limited availability/extended lead in times for materials. A…

Colin Morrison

Construction webinar - Material shortages and price increases

United Kingdom - August 3 2021 Our Construction team discuss the current shortage of materials in the construction sector and the implications for projects as a result of delays…

Christopher Duff, Juliet Haldane, Alistair McLean, Jane McMonagle

Liquidated businesses able to use adjudication to resolve construction disputes

United Kingdom - June 26 2020 Disputes in construction are commonly resolved using the adjudication process - and that method is now being allowed again in situations where one of…

Lucy McCracken

Adjudicating in the time of Coronavirus: MillChris Developments Ltd v Waters

United Kingdom - April 9 2020 In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the TCC has declined to grant an injunction preventing an adjudication from going ahead. With so much of the…

Lucy McCracken