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Is being 'outed' unlawful discrimination?

United Kingdom - July 6 2011 ACAS Guidelines make it clear that where an employee's sexual orientation is made public without his consent that this can amount to harassment.

Facebook faux pas

United Kingdom - April 15 2011 I noticed this article in the MailOnline last week which underlines the inherent dangers of flippant use of social media forums.

Former X-factor contestant dismissed for website photos

United Kingdom - November 11 2011 Readers of this blog will be aware that over the past few months there have been several reported cases involving disciplinary action taken by employers as a result of comments made by employees on Facebook.

Payment of bonus where employee paid in lieu of notice

United Kingdom - March 9 2011 I spotted this interesting case on a point which comes up from time to time relating to an employee's entitlement to bonus when the employment is terminated and a payment is made in lieu of notice.

Constructive dismissal claim following employee use of linkedin

United Kingdom - January 6 2012 Regular readers of this blog will no doubt be aware from my recent postings of the various employment law issues which can arise following the use of social networking forums such as Facebook and Twitter by employees (see, e.g., ‘Further Employment Law Facebook Issues’).