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Dismissal for drinking during working hours found to be unfair

United Kingdom - April 5 2011 A man dismissed for drinking alcohol during working hours has had his claim for unfair dismissal upheld by the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

Pre-employment medical reports

United Kingdom - December 24 2009 During a recruitment process, there is often a genuine requirement of an employer to assess whether an applicant is fit and able to do the job advertised.

What can employers ask employees about their retirement plans?

United Kingdom - December 13 2012 Following the abolition of the default retirement age on 6 April 2011, any dismissal based on an employee's age now amounts to direct age discrimination by the employer.

Artificial intelligence and algorithms in the workplace

United Kingdom - July 6 2021 We are all very aware of human failings when it comes to people management in the workplace. Everything from unconscious bias through to wholly…

Employer held vicariously liable for theft by employee

United Kingdom - February 4 2011 In the recent case of Brink's Global Services Inc and others v Igrox Ltd and another, the Court of Appeal held the employer vicariously liable for an employee's theft of silver bars.