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14 year old employee discriminated against on the grounds of age

United Kingdom - November 24 2021 Whilst most age discrimination cases focus on older employees, in our weekly employment podcast David Hossack and Caroline Maher discuss an…

Caroline Maher

Masterclass in Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Claims

United Kingdom - November 22 2021 The six-part series is aimed at solicitors working in this area of law. It will focus on a variety of topics which are relevant to everyday practice…

Derek Couper, Nicola Edgar

Can supporting a particular football club amount to a philosophical belief?

United Kingdom - November 15 2021 Following recent media reports that an individual is seeking to argue that his support of Rangers Football Club amounts to a philosophical belief for…

Elise Turner

Employer liability in whistleblowing claims

United Kingdom - November 11 2021 Can a line be drawn between an employer's decision to dismiss and the actions of a manager…

Helen Donnelly

Ethical veganism as a protected belief

United Kingdom - November 1 2021 Sarah Gilzean talks to Jordi Casamitjana about how he succeeded in establishing protection under the Equality Act for his beliefs as an ethical vegan…

Sarah Gilzean