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Energy suppliers turning out their lights in 2019

United Kingdom - February 27 2020 The energy sector fell victim to a difficult year in 2019, and 2020 may be no different. The market is rapidly evolving and 2019 was a year of…

Nicola Kelly

DECC increases the subsidy pot for CfDs

United Kingdom - October 2 2014 The budget notice for the first allocation round for Contracts for Difference (CfDs) has been published today. Apparently responding to almost…

Michael Murphy

Contracts for difference – modification of standard terms

United Kingdom - June 24 2014 One of the more common questions that generators and funders have around the new Contract for Difference - the 400-page behemoth that governs the new…

Michael Murphy

Energy Act 2013: Contracts for Difference summary

United Kingdom - June 13 2014 The Contract for Difference is the new subsidy regime for major renewables projects under the Energy Act 2013. During a transition period from…

Moray Thomson, Michael Murphy, Mike Barlow, Jamie Grant, Andrew Orr

DECC continues to shake up the electricity market

United Kingdom - May 13 2014 DECC has issued a number of new consultations today that will continue to shake up the electricity market. These are: Changes to financial support…

Michael Murphy