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Compromising claims in liquidations without the consent of all creditors

United Kingdom - May 11 2011 In the recent English Court of Appeal case of Rubin v Coote, the court allowed a liquidator to settle litigation without having obtained the agreement of all creditors to the compromise.

Alan Meek

Administrator challenges Tayplan pay plan

United Kingdom - March 22 2011 The recent Court of Session case of Tayplan Limited (in administration) v Smith is particularly interesting as it is a case where the administrator chose to pursue directors for breach of fiduciary duties rather than using any of the more common statutory remedies.

Alan Meek

Khaliq v Londis: a monumental case

United Kingdom - May 7 2010 The recent Scottish case of Khaliq v Londis (Holdings) Ltd has cast some doubt on the rather exceptional principle of "Melville Monument" liability.

Julie Hamilton

Internet access is no substitute for the counter encounter

United Kingdom - December 22 2009 The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 requires providers of goods and services to make such reasonable adjustments to premises to remove or alter a physical feature of a property which makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for disabled persons to make use of a service.

Nick Jones

Breach of fiduciary duty by not paying VAT

United Kingdom - October 7 2009 The High Court in England has made an interesting decision in the case of ED Games Limited.

Alan Meek