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Out with the old and in with the new…and be warned you no longer have to be dishonest to be cartel criminal!

United Kingdom - April 1 2014 Today is an important day for competition law in the UK. Not only do we have a new competition authority (in the form of the Competition and Markets…

David Flint

OFT confirms cartel offence prosecution

United Kingdom - January 28 2014 The Office of Fair Trading ("OFT") has confirmed that an individual has been charged under Section 188 of the Enterprise Act 2002 (the "Cartel…

David Flint

Commission smashes TV and monitor cartels to ensure no repeats!

European Union - December 7 2012 Earlier this week, the European Commission ("the Commission") imposed a record fine of €1.47 billion on the members of two cartels relating to the production of cathode ray tubes for TV and computer monitors.

David Flint

Lifting the moratorium in administration

United Kingdom - November 26 2012 When a company goes into administration, it benefits from a "moratorium" that prevents creditors taking legal and other proceedings against the company or its assets.

Alan Meek

Commission smash window cartel and 'freighten' others

European Union - April 4 2012 In two recent decisions, the European Commission (“the Commission”) imposed substantial fines on those operating cartels in breach of EU anti-competition rules.

David Flint