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I saw my boss kissing Santa Claus…

United Kingdom - December 17 2010 The annual Christmas party is often one of the most anticipated events on the office social calendar.

Katy Wedderburn

The Equality Act 2010

United Kingdom - September 10 2010 As recently as only 30 years ago the term "employment lawyer" was a completely alien expression.

Stephen Miller, Graham Mitchell, Gina Wilson

Administrator could face prosecution over redundancies

United Kingdom - July 3 2014 Thousands of former Comet employees could share nearly £25 million after an Employment Tribunal ruled that the company and its administrator Deloitte…

Alan Meek

It's a fair cop: police force fall foul of DDA provisions

United Kingdom - July 19 2010 The recent case of Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police v Jelic (UKEAT/0491/09/CEA) raised some interesting questions regarding the scope of an employer's duty to make reasonable adjustments.

Katy Wedderburn

In the workplace - is there a hierarchy of rights?

European Union, United Kingdom - January 15 2013 A decision has been made today on the landmark case Eweida & Others v UK at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The ruling has hit all major…