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Energy Act 2013: Contracts for Difference summary

United Kingdom - June 13 2014 The Contract for Difference is the new subsidy regime for major renewables projects under the Energy Act 2013. During a transition period from…

Moray Thomson, Michael Murphy, Mike Barlow, Nick Jones, Andrew Orr

Landfill tax to devolve to Scotland in 2015

United Kingdom - April 25 2013 The Scotland Act 2012, amongst other things, devolved to the Scottish Parliament powers to determine the tax regime for disposals to landfill. The…

Andrew Orr

Options to lease for renewables - has the Ridgewood decision changed anything?

United Kingdom - March 15 2013 The decision of the Ridgewood Properties Group Limited v Valero Energy Limited (2013) EWHC 98 (Ch) case concerned the enforceability of option…

Electricity market reform - an introduction to the Energy Bill

United Kingdom - January 8 2013 The Energy Bill was published on 29 November 2012. This is one of the mostanticipated pieces of legislation in recent years. It has been promoted by the…

Moray Thomson, Michael Murphy, Nick Jones, Lillian Mackenzie

Empty property rates relief reform: proposals give cause for concern

United Kingdom - March 29 2012 The Scottish Government has published a Bill setting out proposals for reform of the regime for rates relief for empty properties in Scotland, as heralded in our e-update of 27 September 2011.