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Home Office tool on right to work checks

United Kingdom - July 17 2014 Our e-update issued on 12 May provided details of the draft Code produced by the Home Office relating to the prevention of illegal working, which…

Karen McGill

It is official - holiday pay must include commission

European Union - May 22 2014 The European Court of Justice (ECJ) released its decision today in the case of British Gas v Lock. This decision could have far reaching financial…

Katy Wedderburn

Should holiday pay calculations include average commission payments?

European Union - May 19 2014 It has just been announced that the European Court of Justice's decision on this question, in the case ofLock v British Gas Trading Limited and…

Katy Wedderburn

Draft code on prevention of illegal working

United Kingdom - May 12 2014 The Home Office has published a draft Code of Practice relating to the prevention of illegal working which is likely to come into effect from 16 May…

Karen McGill

Should overtime "count" when calculating holiday pay

United Kingdom - April 15 2014 The answer should become clearer after 31 July this year when the EAT delivers its decision in the cases ofNeal v Freightliner Limited and Bear…

Carolyn Miller