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When are losses too remote to recover?

United Kingdom - February 22 2010 It is well established that before a court will make an award of damages in relation to a breach of contract, it must be satisfied that the type of loss being claimed was considered a potential risk when the parties entered the contract.

Shona Frame, Alison Horner, Fritha Wheeler-Ozanne

Days are numbered for equivalent project relief (...or maybe not)

United Kingdom - March 1 2010 Prior to 1996 it was common for construction sub contracts to contain what were known as "pay-when-paid" clauses, restricting the right of a sub-contractor to payment from the main contractor until such time as the main contractor had itself recieved payment.

David Henderson, Lillian Mackenzie, Duncan Osler

Energy Act 2013: Contracts for Difference summary

United Kingdom - June 13 2014 The Contract for Difference is the new subsidy regime for major renewables projects under the Energy Act 2013. During a transition period from…

Moray Thomson, Michael Murphy, Mike Barlow, Jamie Grant, Nick Jones

PF2 - a new approach to PFI and standardisation of PFI contracts

United Kingdom - December 13 2012 The Chancellor of the Exchequer's Autumn Statement, published on 5 December 2012, included the conclusions of the governmental review of PFI and their new proposals for delivering public and private sector partnerships through a new model, to be known as "PF2". 

Lillian Mackenzie

New revision to standard forms issued by JCT & SBCC

United Kingdom - February 22 2010 JCT issued Revision 2 of the Standard Building Contract, the Design and Build Contract and the Minor Works contracts in May 2009.

Shona Frame, Alison Horner, Fritha Wheeler-Ozanne