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Retail administrators - beware of the Scottish hypothec

United Kingdom - January 11 2012 The recent flurry of news reports regarding the administration of high street retail chains and the subsequent sale of parts of their businesses is perhaps an opportune time to flag up the renewed importance that the hypothec plays in Scottish property law.

Ian Bowie

Appointment of administrators - "or" doesn't mean "and"

United Kingdom - October 13 2011 The recent case of Stephen Petitioner offers some clarification regarding issues relating to the validity of appointment of administrators.

John Reid

Administrator could face prosecution over redundancies

United Kingdom - July 3 2014 Thousands of former Comet employees could share nearly £25 million after an Employment Tribunal ruled that the company and its administrator Deloitte…

John Macmillan

Challengeable transactions revisited

United Kingdom - June 29 2009 With ever-increasing numbers of corporate insolvencies, it is likely that the courts will see an increase in litigation raised by insolvency practitioners and creditors arising out of restructuring arrangements entered into by companies in an attempt to stave off insolvency.

Frances Sim

The "VAT pack"

United Kingdom - November 17 2009 It has recently been suggested in the press that HMRC has started using "little known" powers to demand an upfront payment of VAT from companies that have purchased businesses through pre-pack transactions.

Ainsley MacLaren