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De facto directors in the spotlight

United Kingdom - February 11 2011 A recent case in the UK Supreme Court has drawn attention to the consequences faced by de facto directors of companies.

Neil Kennedy

What's in a name? Some guidance on prohibited names

United Kingdom - September 14 2011 Sections 216 and 217 of the Insolvency Act impose draconian sanctions on directors of liquidated companies who reuse "prohibited names".

John Reid

Lifting the moratorium in administration

United Kingdom - November 26 2012 When a company goes into administration, it benefits from a "moratorium" that prevents creditors taking legal and other proceedings against the company or its assets.

John Reid

Breach of fiduciary duty by not paying VAT

United Kingdom - October 7 2009 The High Court in England has made an interesting decision in the case of ED Games Limited.

Leon Breakey

Don't wind-up in trouble when you wind-up

United Kingdom - January 18 2013 On 15 January 2013, OSCR published a report following its investigation into the winding up of a regeneration charity, Glasgow East Regeneration…

Robin Fallas, James Keith