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Modest damages for minor personal injuries

Ireland - July 12 2016 Damages for pain and suffering in personal injury claims have been cut by up to 50% in a number of recent Court of Appeal decisions. EMERGING TREND…

Katie Toher

Legal landscape struggles to keep pace with the rise of Telemedicine

European Union - July 7 2016 Telemedicine encompasses a wide variety of services such as teleconsultation, telemonitoring and telesurgery. Telemedicine can also include remote…

Ciara Farrell, Colin Kavanagh, Olivia Mullooly

Telemedicine: opportunities and challenges

USA - July 7 2016 Telemedicine, telecare and eHealth are becoming common terminology in the health and technology world, but they present many complex legal, technical…

Ciara Farrell, Colin Kavanagh, Olivia Mullooly

New pre-action protocol in clinical negligence actions

Ireland - January 28 2016 The early resolution of clinical negligence actions will become a real possibility with the introduction of a pre-action protocol…

Donogh Crowley

The Russell Decision: the “Real Rate of Return” case

Ireland - December 18 2015 The Court of Appeal recently upheld the decision of the High Court in Gill Russell (a minor) v HSE, to reduce the real rate of return from the…

Katie Toher