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“Members only club”: Court of appeal upholds appropriateness of confidentiality rings/clubs for discovery

European Union, Ireland, United Kingdom - March 3 2020 A recent decision of the Court of Appeal shows that the Irish courts are willing to impose confidentiality rings in specific circumstances…

Andrew Lenny, Conall O'Shaughnessy

Courts alive to disingenuous applications to mediate

Ireland - August 10 2018 While very supportive of genuine proposals to resolve disputes outside of the court room, the courts are alive to the possibility that some parties…

Andrew Lenny, Sinéad Reilly

Members Only Club: Confidentiality Rings in Litigation

Ireland - July 11 2018 The risk that confidential or commercially sensitive information might have to be disclosed to a competitor in litigation can be a real concern for…

Andrew Lenny

Regulatory Investigations and Litigation Privilege: Proceed with caution

Ireland, United Kingdom - June 22 2018 A question we are asked regularly is whether litigation privilege applies to documents created for the purpose of a regulatory investigation or, in…

Michael Twomey

Litigation funding in Ireland to be considered by the Irish Supreme Court

Ireland - September 8 2016 The Supreme Court is to hear an appeal which may have significant implications for professional third party litigation funding in Ireland. The…

Florence Loric, Colin Monaghan