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Legislate in haste, repent at leisure: Drafting errors identified in the PSC Rules for Scottish Limited Partnerships

United Kingdom - July 21 2017 The speed at which the The Scottish Partnerships (Register of People with Significant Control) Regulations 2017 (the Scottish Regulations) have been…

Peter Alderdice

Funds Finance: Scottish Limited Partnerships and the PSC Regime - Lenders Take Note!

United Kingdom - July 10 2017 Despite some industry insiders predicting that they’d overshoot the deadline for implementing beneficial ownership disclosure requirements of the…

Andrew Kinnes, Hamish Patrick

Changing regulatory landscape for Scottish partnerships

United Kingdom - June 14 2017 Companies House recently announced an imminent extension to UK anti-money laundering measures affecting Scottish limited partnerships (SLPs) and…

Neil Campbell

OneSavings Bank PLC v Burns: Enforcement concerns for lenders in the Scottish marketplace

United Kingdom - April 25 2017 A recent decision of Banff Sheriff Court in Scotland has unexpectedly cast doubt on the validity of the form of legal title transfer used widely in…

Peter Alderdice, Fiona Buchanan, Neil Campbell, Neil Cowan, Andrew Kinnes

OneSavings Bank PLC V Burns: FAQs

United Kingdom - April 25 2017 The standard security (i.e. Scottish mortgage) in the Burns case had originally been granted by the borrower in favour of GMAC. GMAC had previously…

Peter Alderdice, Fiona Buchanan, Rodger Cairns, Neil Campbell, Neil Cowan, Andrew Kinnes