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OneSavings Bank PLC v Burns: Enforcement concerns for lenders in the Scottish marketplace

United Kingdom - April 25 2017 A recent decision of Banff Sheriff Court in Scotland has unexpectedly cast doubt on the validity of the form of legal title transfer used widely in…

Peter Alderdice, Fiona Buchanan, Neil Campbell, Andrew Kinnes, Roderick MacLeod

OneSavings Bank PLC V Burns: FAQs

United Kingdom - April 25 2017 The standard security (i.e. Scottish mortgage) in the Burns case had originally been granted by the borrower in favour of GMAC. GMAC had previously…

Peter Alderdice, Fiona Buchanan, Rodger Cairns, Neil Campbell, Andrew Kinnes, Roderick MacLeod

Vive la (Counterpart) Révolution

United Kingdom - August 23 2017 It is just over two years since the Legal Writings (Counterparts and Delivery) (Scotland) Act 2015 brought counterpart execution to Scots law. With…

Neil Campbell, Hamish Patrick

Webinar recording: Signing Scots Law Documents (Part 1)

United Kingdom - January 25 2017 Our new webinar series provides a quick and handy guide to signing Scots Law documents or documents that need to be signed in accordance with Scots…

Roderick MacLeod