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Ofcom announces mechanisms to ensure BT and Openreach comply with the enhanced independence they have committed to

European Union, United Kingdom - July 17 2017 Openreach, and its alleged flaws, have been a consistent target of Ofcom since it launched the first part of its ‘Digital Communications Review’ back…

Gordon Moir, Nicola Perry.

Ofcom fine BT a record breaking £42 million: A move to a more punitive approach?

United Kingdom - April 19 2017 On 26 March 2017, Ofcom fined BT a record breaking £42 million for irregularities in compensation payments that should have been made to customers of…

Gordon Moir, Liam Maclean, Nicola Perry, Yolande Stolte.

Legal separation of BT Openreach

United Kingdom - March 16 2017 On 10 March 2017, the UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, announced significant reforms to how BT's network arm, Openreach, will be governed. Ofcom has…

Gordon Moir.

Don’t be complacent - Lessons from Vodafone’s £4.625m fine

United Kingdom - December 8 2016 On 25 October 2016, Ofcom fined Vodafone £4.625m for failing to comply with three of the General Conditions — the rules which apply to all…

Gordon Moir.

Hot Tubs and Expert Witnesses: Latest developments in the practice of the Competition Appeals Tribunal

United Kingdom - December 8 2016 Expert witnesses are a key part of almost every case before the Competition Appeals Tribunal (the CAT) and a number of recent cases illustrate the…

Gordon Moir.