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The real estate law review - Scotland

United Kingdom - April 18 2012 There is only one form of ownership of real estate in Scotland: that of outright ownership; however, property held on outright ownership – known as ‘heritable property’ – can either be used by the owner or occupied by a tenant under an occupational lease.

Michael Henderson, Nick Ryden

Private Residential Tenancies: Your essential guide to the new regime

United Kingdom - December 18 2017 Landlords letting a residential property under a new lease are now subject to a new letting regime in Scotland - the private residential tenancy…

Emma De Sailly, Lynn Simpson

Common Agricultural Policy: What’s going on?

United Kingdom - April 28 2017 2016 saw unprecedented delays in the payment of the various elements of the entitlements under the basic payment and other schemes administered under…

Peter Misselbrook

Occupiers’ Liability for Third Parties: reducing the risk on farms

United Kingdom - February 2 2017 Occupiers of land that poses a greater than usual risk to third parties, need to take extra care. This is of particular relevance to working farms as…

Peter Misselbrook

New regime for the contractual rights of Third Parties in Scotland

United Kingdom - February 20 2018 Third party rights are conferred by contracting parties on a person who is not a party to the contract concerned. Such rights have long been…

Peter Alderdice, Joanna Boag-Thomson, Sarah Leslie, Kirsteen Milne, Edwin Mustard, Christina Sinclair