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Preparing for Public Records Requests for Library Catalogues

USA - August 30 2022 During the 2021-22 school year, public schools across the country faced public scrutiny of their library catalogues, and it seems that issue has…

Emily R. Spivack

US Supreme Court Adjusts Rules for Public School Employees Engaging in Religious Speech

USA - June 30 2022 The US Supreme Court has adjusted its standards on when public school employees can engage in religious speech. This week, in Kennedy v. Bremerton…

Elaine A. Brown, Elizabeth A. Safier, Emily R. Spivack

Title IX Refresher: Ohio School Districts’ Obligations to Address Sexual Harassment

USA - March 15 2022 With as much as schools have faced in the last year and a half, Title IX may not be top of mind for many administrators. But the federal…

Elizabeth A. Safier, Emily R. Spivack

Off-campus Speech: Supreme Court Sets Rules for Schools to Discipline Students for Off-campus Speech

USA - June 24 2021 The US Supreme Court has finally set some parameters on when public school districts can discipline students for off-campus speech. This marks the…

Elaine A. Brown, Emily R. Spivack

Ohio Schools Can Resume Sports, But Beware Your Extra Responsibilities US - August 24, 2020

USA - August 24 2020 Youth, collegiate, amateur, club, and professional sports are now allowed to practice and compete in Ohio, under the Ohio Department of Health ("ODH")…

Emily R. Spivack, Dylan J. Yépez