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UK Spring Budget 2017 - Employment Taxes

United Kingdom - March 13 2017 The last Spring Budget was not, perhaps thankfully, one to write home about. There were no hats, let alone rabbits, in sight. National Insurance…

Patrick Ford

Autumn Statement 2016 - Changes to the Tax Deductibility of Interest Expenses

United Kingdom - November 24 2016 The UK government is clearly keen to be ahead of the pack in implementing the G20 and OECD recommendations on interest deductibility. In the Autumn…

Patrick Ford

A new VAT world when supplying digital services

European Union - October 14 2014 In the continuing battle between the Digital Economy and the international tax system, the European tax system is about to claw back a point on the…

Aredhel Johnson, Harriet Revington

Onshore employment intermediaries: the Tribunal sheds some light on “control”

United Kingdom - July 22 2014 Whilst we are still awaiting cases that may shed some light on how the Tribunals and courts will interpret HMRC's new onshore intermediaries…

Aredhel Johnson

Capital allowances – neglect them at your peril

United Kingdom - March 31 2014 From 1 April 2014, the capital allowances regime that applies to property transactions is set to change. While the changes are no surprise (they have…

Timothy Jarvis, Harriet Revington, Mark C Simpson