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Implied Restrictions on Broad Contractual Powers - the “Braganza” Obligation to Act Rationally and in Good Faith When Exercising Unfettered Contractual Discretion EMEA - 7 September 2020

United Kingdom - September 7 2020 Contracts often include provisions that provide a unilateral discretionary power conferred on one of the parties to the contract. Such discretion may…

Joe Abbott.

Q&A: the legal framework for renewable energy in Poland

Poland - July 22 2020 A concise overview of the legal framework governing renewable energy projects in Poland, including key legislation, government incentives and dispute resolution.

Paweł Magierowski.

In brief: renewable energy projects in Poland

Poland - July 22 2020 This article highlights some of the key considerations surrounding renewable energy projects in Poland, including government authorisations, offtake arrangements and decommissioning.

Paweł Magierowski.

National Grid ESO Launches Optional Downward Flexibility Management (ODFM) Scheme

United Kingdom - May 13 2020 High levels of embedded generation have posed balancing challenges for some years. This summer, though, the National Grid Electricity System…

Paul Brennan.

ESO Raises Grid Code Modification Proposal Seeking Emergency Powers to Cut Off Embedded Generation

United Kingdom - May 6 2020 Around the world, electricity systems are experiencing unprecedented changes in demand patterns as a result of restrictions on movement and business…

Paul Brennan.