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Van Buren Reviewed: The Potential Litigation Impact of SCOTUS’ Decision Narrowing CFAA’s Scope

USA - June 11 2021 Last week the Supreme Court’s decision in Van Buren v. United States resolved a decade-long circuit split concerning the “exceeds authorized access”…

Kristin Bryan, Christina Lamoureux.

New Ways of Notarization During the COVID Pandemic

USA - June 24 2020 If you regularly have documents notarized as part of your practice, you’re probably like me. Under normal circumstances, you probably have the…

The Federal Circuit Takes a Mulligan and Reins in the Eastern District of Texas’s Assertion of Venue the Second Time Around

USA - February 19 2020 The Federal Circuit sent Google an early valentine on February 13, 2020, when it granted the petition for mandamus in In re Google, Case No. 19-126…

David Elkins.

Do California Jury Trial Waivers Inadvertently Guarantee Plaintiffs the Option of a California Jury Trial?

USA - January 14 2020 For those of you who are contracting with parties in California, we wanted to remind you that you cannot use a contractual jury trial waiver provision…

Francesca Crisera Ruiz.

Willful Copyright Infringement Requires Proof of Intent in the Ninth Circuit

USA - April 19 2019 A pro bono case in the Ninth Circuit just made it harder for plaintiffs to prove copyright infringement is willful…

Joseph A. Meckes.