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Which Way Now for UK Landlords and Tenants? Rent Arrears, Future Liabilities and Key Considerations for Landlords and Tenants

United Kingdom - August 25 2021 One of the most significant legacy debts remaining post-pandemic is rent. Many tenants have been unable (or unwilling) to pay, and landlords have…

Michelle Adams, John Alderton, Karen French, Russell Hill, David Holland

Tenants, One: Ground Rents, Nil

United Kingdom - July 12 2021 In fact, game, set and (almost) match to tenants in England and Wales, with the passage through parliament of the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill…

Mark Barker, Sally Coleman, Matthew Dalzell, Andrew D. Sprake

Residential Property Developer Tax: What Is Your Fair Share?

United Kingdom - June 17 2021 Are you a residential property developer operating in the UK? Do you enjoy annual profits exceeding 25 million (group-wide)? If so, you will be…

Mark Barker, Sally Coleman, Matthew Dalzell, Andrew D. Sprake

UK Landlords and Tenants Turnover or Roll Over? - 27 August 2020

United Kingdom - August 27 2020 The prospect of empty hotels, restaurants and retail space is not one that landlords, or the businesses that occupy those premises, want to…

Sally Coleman

IFRS 16 Leases: Could the New Standard Herald a New Era of Property Ownership?

Global - October 13 2017 Tenants, the new lease accounting standard has implications for your balance sheet and you may not like them. Make sure you are ready. IFRS1 16 is a…

Sally Coleman