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United Kingdom: Residential Property Developer Tax

United Kingdom - October 7 2021 Although no rate has been announced, the march towards the introduction of the Residential Property Developer Tax (RPDT) continued with the…

Sally Coleman, Robert O'Hare, Mark C Simpson

Tenants, One: Ground Rents, Nil

United Kingdom - July 12 2021 In fact, game, set and (almost) match to tenants in England and Wales, with the passage through parliament of the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill…

Nick Green, Mark Barker, Sally Coleman, Andrew D. Sprake

Residential Property Developer Tax: What Is Your Fair Share?

United Kingdom - June 17 2021 Are you a residential property developer operating in the UK? Do you enjoy annual profits exceeding 25 million (group-wide)? If so, you will be…

Nick Green, Mark Barker, Sally Coleman, Andrew D. Sprake

Lifting the Stay: New Processes for Dealing With Property Possession Proceedings by UK Courts

United Kingdom - May 31 2021 Investment in UK real estate remains strong, despite the pandemic. However, whether looking to make new investments or managing an existing portfolio…

Michelle Adams, Daniel G. Berick, Helen Hoath, David Holland, Holly Rowbottom

UK Government Consults With Landlords and Tenants on Potential Options for Dealing With Rent Arrears

United Kingdom - April 9 2021 The UK government has launched a consultation inviting views from stakeholders on options for dealing with rent debt when the existing prohibitions on…

Michelle Adams, John Alderton, Karen French, Russell Hill, David Holland, Prew Lumley, Devinder Singh