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Mandatory Vaccination Unfair Dismissal Claims Shot Down by Australia’s Fair Work Commission

Australia - May 5 2021 In significant decisions handed down last month, the Australian Fair Work Commission (FWC) found it was reasonable for two employers, one operating in…

Bruno Di Girolami, Erin Kidd, Nicola Martin

Workplace View: Australia

Australia - April 16 2021 This time last year, the world was grappling with COVID-19 and employers were in the throes of office lockdowns, transitioning to working from home…

Elisa Blakers, Andrew Burnett, Carly Corbett-Burns, Bruno Di Girolami, Erin Kidd, Anna Lee, Nicola Martin, Sharon Payn

Sexual harassment reforms fast approaching in response to [email protected] (Australia)

Australia - April 14 2021 In the wake of a spate of high profile sexual assault and harassment allegations in recent weeks, the federal government has announced it will…

Nicola Martin

Update on COVID-19 Australian Travel Restrictions and Recent Changes to Employer-sponsored Visa Programs Asia Pacific - 9 September 2020

Asia-Pacific, Australia - September 9 2020 In response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, Australia's borders were closed in March 2020. As the country's strict travel…

Andrew Burnett, Bruno Di Girolami

COVID-19 The Australian Government Wants Workplaces to be “Covid-Safe”, but this Doesn’t Mean Employers can Require Employees to Download the “COVIDSafe App” Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific, Australia - May 20 2020 In a bid to reawaken the Australian economy, the Federal Government is developing a return to work health and safety "toolkit" and is encouraging…

Carly Corbett-Burns, Bruno Di Girolami, John Oakes