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Aggregating Losses From the COVID-19 Crisis for Reinsurance Purposes

United Kingdom, USA - June 12 2020 The question of whether hundreds or even thousands of COVID-19-related losses can be aggregated together as one “loss” or “occurrence” for reinsurance…

Ellen MacDonald Farrell, Larry P. Schiffer

US Federal Business Interruption Legislation Update Federally Funded or Private/Public Partnership?

USA - May 29 2020 Two recent announcements in Washington DC highlight a significant divide in public policy regarding the appropriate level of the federal government`s…

Patricia R. Hatler, Brandon C. Roman

COVID-19 Insurance Regulatory Updates

USA - April 13 2020 The deluge of regulatory guidance has slowed only slightly in the past week and has taken some unusual turns. On Monday, April 13, 2020, California…

Douglas Anderson, Mary Jo Hudson, Sue Stead

Can Fear or Emotional Distress Associated With COVID-19 Be a “Bodily Injury”?

USA - April 1 2020 With the United States now having the highest number of confirmed infections in the world, the nation now finds itself in the throes of the COVID-19…

Ellen MacDonald Farrell, Aaron Garavaglia, Larry P. Schiffer

Actual Cash Value: Is the Cost of Labor Part of Depreciation? The Courts Are Divided

USA - March 25 2020 Depreciation typically is deducted from the actual cash value (“ACV”) of property when the insured elects to have its property damage claim paid on an…

Larry P. Schiffer