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COVID-19: The Future World of Work: Global Guide on Employment Implications of COVID-19 Vaccination

Global, United Kingdom - December 7 2020 The news that a number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines are in the final stages of development/approval has been welcomed by employers…

Ignacio Regojo, Sarah Lawrence, Marga Caproni, Stanislav Durica, Hana Gawlasova, Bruno Di Girolami, Irina P. Golovanova, Malgorzata Grzelak, Jill S. Kirila, Caroline Noblet, Pauline Pierce, Simone Schmeetz, Fabrizio Vismara, Tanja Weber

COVID-19 - Enhanced Measures for Sustaining Businesses and Savings Jobs

Singapore - April 30 2020 Following our earlier article of 17 April 2020, the Singapore Prime Minister Mr. Lee Hsien Loong announced on 21 April 2020 a four-week extension of…

Li Lian Eu, Isha Malhotra

COVID-19 Singapore Measures for Sustaining Business and Saving Jobs

Singapore - April 20 2020 The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic causing major disruption to global economies has resulted in the Singapore government announcing an…

Eu Li Lian, Isha Malhotra

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Key Employment Law Issues for Employers

Global - March 9 2020 In this guide, we set out our answers to some of the key employment law-related questions we have been asked (and to some that we have not yet been…

Ignacio Regojo, Martin H. Falke, Sarah Lawrence, Marga Caproni, Bruno Di Girolami, Irina P. Golovanova, Jill S. Kirila, Laura Lawless, Valeria De Lucia, Caroline Noblet, John Oakes, Jean-François Rage, Soo-Ja Schijf, Laura Wang

Managing the employment relationship in Singapore

Global, Singapore - November 27 2018 A structured guide to country specific laws, misclassification, contracts and foreign workers in Singapore