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Workplace View October 2020

Australia - October 7 2020 A recent decision in the New South Wales Supreme Court illustrates a number of legal principles in Australian employment law and provides lessons for…

Andrew Burnett, Carly Corbett-Burns, Bruno Di Girolami, Anna Lee, Sharon Payn

COVID-19 The Australian Government Wants Workplaces to be “Covid-Safe”, but this Doesn’t Mean Employers can Require Employees to Download the “COVIDSafe App” Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific, Australia - May 20 2020 In a bid to reawaken the Australian economy, the Federal Government is developing a return to work health and safety "toolkit" and is encouraging…

Carly Corbett-Burns, Bruno Di Girolami, Madeleine Smith

COVID-19: Working From Home A Checklist for Employers in Australia

Australia - April 9 2020 In light of the current situation with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), wherever possible, employees are being encouraged to work from home…

Barnaby Austin, Carly Corbett-Burns

Superannuation Amnesty for Employers

Australia - March 10 2020 To encourage employers to pay owed Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC) and encourage future compliance, the federal government has just…

Louise A. Boyce, Bruno Di Girolami

COVID-19: Considerations for Employers in Australia

Australia - March 10 2020 As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis hits Australia, there is a real risk that many businesses and their employees will be directly or…

Carly Corbett-Burns, Bruno Di Girolami, Dominique Hartfield, Oma Murad, Madeleine Smith