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Nevada’s New Privacy Law Will Go Into Effect Next Month: Are You Ready?

USA - September 13 2019 The Nevada Privacy of Information Collected on the Internet from Consumers Act (NPICICA) applies to operators of commercial websites and online…

Elliot R. Golding, Ericka Johnson, Lydia de la Torre

The California Consumer Privacy Act Series Part 1: Applicability

USA - June 5 2019 California’s new privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (the “CCPA”), goes into effect on January 1, 2020. It is the most expansive…

Elliot R. Golding, Petrina A. McDaniel

New York Federal Court Rules for Reinsurer on Expenses in Addition to Facultative Limits After Trial

USA - June 3 2019 A New York federal court, after a 10-day trial, ruled on whether a facultative reinsurer was responsible for expenses supplemental to the…

Patricia R. Hatler, Kelly Mihocik, Larry P. Schiffer

Massachusetts Federal Court Retains Reinsurance Dispute Removed From State Court

USA - June 3 2019 A US Magistrate Judge recommended that a reinsurance dispute removed by the cedent from state court to federal court not be remande…

Patricia R. Hatler, Kelly Mihocik, Larry P. Schiffer

Insured’s Breach of Implied Contract Claim Against Reinsurers Survives Motion to Dismiss

USA - June 3 2019 A District of Columbia federal court denied a motion to dismiss a claim for breach of implied contract in a credit insurance dispute. The insured e…

Patricia R. Hatler, Kelly Mihocik, Larry P. Schiffer