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When Does a Demotion Amount to Dismissal? NSW Trains v James [2022] FWCB 55

Australia - June 20 2022 Upon termination of employment, employees who have access to the unfair dismissal jurisdiction in Australia may bring such a claim if they consider…

2022 National Minimum Wage Increase

Australia - June 17 2022 Approximately 2.6 million employees across Australia are set to see a pay rise following the release of the Fair Work Commission's (FWC) Annual Wage…

Nicola Martin

Attention, Directors! It Is Time to Apply for an Australian Director Identification Number

Australia - March 14 2022 On 1 November 2021, the Australian government's Director Identification Number (Director ID) regime commenced, with a 12-month transitional period…

Clive Lee

Australia’s Litigation Funding Reforms Remain Contentiou

Australia - February 15 2022 The High Court of Australia last week handed down two long anticipated decisions tackling the question of whether certain workers were employees or…

Nicola Martin

Workplace View: Australia - December 2021

Australia - December 6 2021 As we near the end of another year (and what a year it has been!), we are busy preparing for our upcoming annual "Year in review" webinar on 9…

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