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Dismissal of employee for working in second job while on sick leave was unfair. What?

United Kingdom - September 27 2011 The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that an employer’s dismissal of an employee for working in a second job while on sick leave from the first was unfair.

Charles Frost, Nick Jones, Matthew Lewis, Caroline Noblet

Does sacking an employee for calling the boss a “complete d*ck” constitute unfair dismissal in Australia?

Australia - April 2 2015 In a sequel to our blog last year concerning Australian employers using expletives towards employees (click here), the Fair Work Commission was…

Anna M. Elliott, Daniel B. Pasternak

"A pocketful of mumbles, such are promises"

United Kingdom - May 16 2012 So sang Simon and Garfunkel in The Boxer, continuing perceptively “All lies and jest."

Liam Gallagher and Iowa dentist caught in compromising position

United Kingdom - July 29 2013 Back in January we ran a post concerning the dismissal of an Iowa dentist's assistant because of the threat which his wife considered she posed to…

Terminating a pregnant worker’s employment during the probationary period

Spain, United Kingdom - December 22 2009 Under Spanish law, the dismissal of a pregnant employee will generally be found to be invalid, with the consequent obligation on the employer to reinstate the employee to her job and to pay her the wages that would have been due to her from the dismissal until the date of the judgment.

Teresa Dolan, Nick Jones, Matthew Lewis, Sue Nickson