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Second Colonial Pipeline Data Incident Litigation Filed on Behalf of. . . . Over Ten Thousand Gas Stations?

USA - July 14 2021 CPW covered the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack earlier this year, in which a ransomware attack carried out by cybercriminals crippled the Colonial…

Kristin Bryan

Emotional Harms For Alleged FCRA Violations?

USA - June 16 2021 Last month, a federal court addressed the kind of harms that need to be included in a plaintiff’s complaint asserting claims under the Fair Credit…

Kristin Bryan

BIPA Litigation in Illinois Federal Court Paused Pending Significant Decisions in Other Cases Concerning Statute’s Application and Scope

USA - May 28 2021 A federal court recently paused a litigation brought under Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (“BIPA”), pending the outcome of several other…

Kristin Bryan

Third Time is the Charm? In FCRA Litigation, Court Says Not So Fast

USA - May 11 2021 Last month, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania dismissed a pro se plaintiff’s third attempt at bringing a claim under FCRA and FDCPA. Blackwell v…

Kristin Bryan

Congress Contemplates National Manufacturing Guard Act of 2021

USA - March 25 2021 As almost every industry has discovered, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted weaknesses in American supply chains. The sudden and severe lock-down…

Sarah Rathke