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A Closer Look at the Sixth Circuit’s Decision on the Contractor Mandate

USA - January 26 2022 With OSHA’s decision to withdraw its ETS in the face of a hostile Supreme Court, and that court’s 5-4 decision to uphold the CMS mandate, largely…

Alon Farahan, Shams Hirji

The OSHA Mandate Decision and the Sixth Circuit

USA - January 18 2022 The Supreme Court’s recent per curium opinion on OSHA’s vaccine-or-test mandate for businesses takes a practical approach to agency power, though the…

Alon Farahan, Shams Hirji

The High Court stays the OSHA mandate but upholds the CMS mandate

USA - January 13 2022 The decision we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived today. In two separate opinions, the Supreme Court, as appeared likely from oral argument…

Alon Farahan, Shams Hirji

Analysis Of The Supreme Court’s Oral Argument Yesterday

USA - January 8 2022 After listening to the oral arguments at the Supreme Court, we think the Court will likely issue an administrative stay to delay implementation of the…

Shams Hirji

The OSHA Mandate — Supreme Court Oral Argument Preview

USA - January 6 2022 Tomorrow morning (Friday, January 7), the Supreme Court hears oral argument in the OSHA (10 a.m. EST) and CMS (11 a.m. EST) mandate cases. (You can…

Alon Farahan, Shams Hirji