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DFS Enters Into $1.5 Million Consent Order With Residential Mortgage Company In Wake of Widespread Data Breach

USA - April 13 2021 In early March, the New York State Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) entered into a consent order requiring Residential Mortgage Company to pay…

Alan L. Friel, Katherine Sharpless

Will Oklahoma Be the Next State to Enact a Comprehensive Privacy Bill?

USA - March 30 2021 On March 4, the Oklahoma Computer Data Privacy Act (HB 1602) passed the state House of Representatives by a vote of 85-11. If enacted in its current…

Lydia de la Torre

Off to the Races: Over 50 Privacy Bills Introduced in the State of New York

USA - February 23 2021 The on-going state competition to enact comprehensive privacy legislation, triggered by the enactment of the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act, is…

Lydia de la Torre

Advertising, Media and Brands Newsletter Global Hot Topics for Advertising, Media and Consumer Brand Executives

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - February 15 2021 What a year 2020 was, with so much disruption across industries, including COVID-19, increased regulation, geopolitics, the surge to online, the…

Paul Anderson, Paolo Beconcini, Glenn A. Brown, Jonathan Chibafa, Carlton Daniel, David Elkins, Cameron S. E. Ford, Matthew Kirk, Francesco Liberatore, Deborah M. Lodge, Marisol C. Mork, Caroline Noblet, David Prueter, Andrea Ward

Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act: Unpacking the European Commission’s Proposals

European Union - December 23 2020 Digital markets players in the European Economic Area (EEA)1 potentially face new regulation to deliver greater competition and innovation for the use…

Michael Bartholomew, Christina Economides, Brian N. Hartnett, Matthew Kirk, Francesco Liberatore, Wolfgang A. Maschek, Georg Serentschy