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Zero Value Ground Rents Hit Global Investors - What Family Offices Need to Know

United Kingdom - August 18 2022 In the UK, ground rent leases have traditionally been seen as a good investment, as they represent sustainable returns over the long term. For this…

Daniel G. Berick, Sally Coleman

Tenants, One: Ground Rents, Nil

United Kingdom - July 12 2021 In fact, game, set and (almost) match to tenants in England and Wales, with the passage through parliament of the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill…

Nick Green, Mark Barker, Sally Coleman, Matthew Dalzell

Residential Property Developer Tax: What Is Your Fair Share?

United Kingdom - June 17 2021 Are you a residential property developer operating in the UK? Do you enjoy annual profits exceeding 25 million (group-wide)? If so, you will be…

Nick Green, Mark Barker, Sally Coleman, Matthew Dalzell

HS2 Specialist Compulsory Purchase, Land Acquisition and Compensation Service

Australia - January 18 2018 While HS2 promises enormous economic bene ts throughout the country, it will also have a signi cant impact on landowners and occupiers of affected…

Emma Bissett, Richard Glover, David Holland, Gemma Newell, Bethany G. Reid, James Thorman, Alexander J. Weatherall