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Investigation reports: get your facts straight!

United Kingdom - October 31 2019 In this article, we focus on investigation reports in disciplinary matters, and the lessons investigators can learn from the latest decision of the…

Ryan Carthew, Sarah Beeby, Mark Hamilton, Jessica Pattinson, Alison Weatherhead

Mobility clauses in employment contracts Reasonableness is key

United Kingdom - June 29 2017 The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), in the case of Kellogg Brown & Root (UK) Ltd. v (1) Fitton and (2) Ewer, examined in detail reliance by an…

Ryan Carthew, Sarah Beeby, Michael Bronstein, Elmer Doonan, Gilla Harris

Immigration 2021: Immigration Rules published

United Kingdom - October 26 2020 The long-awaited immigration rules that confirm the requirements for the new points-based immigration system have now been published. This is the…

Verity Buckingham, Jessica Pattinson

Social media related dismissal held by an Employment Tribunal to be fair

United Kingdom - June 29 2017 In Plant v. API Microelectronics Ltd, the Employment Tribunal (ET) has held that the dismissal of a long-serving employee was fair, after she had made…

Ryan Carthew, Sarah Beeby, Michael Bronstein, Elmer Doonan, Gilla Harris

New Acas guidance and case law provide clarity to employers on redundancy process

United Kingdom - September 30 2020 Redundancies are, unfortunately, big news at the moment. Given the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, in combination with the winding down of the…

Sarah Beeby, Purvis Ghani, Mark Hamilton, Eleanor Hart, Michelle Lamb, Jessica Pattinson, Alison Weatherhead