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To waive or not to waive future claims in settlement agreements?

United Kingdom - April 27 2016 The decision of the Commercial Court in Khanty-Mansiysk Recoveries Limited v. Forsters LLP [2016] EWHC 522 (Comm) may not, at first sight, be of…

Ryan Carthew, Sarah Beeby, Michael Bronstein, Gilla Harris

How far does the right to privacy extend at work?

European Union - July 31 2019 When you send a message to a WhatsApp group, you would expect it to go no further than to the members of that group (regardless of the…

Ryan Carthew, Sarah Beeby, Mark Hamilton, Jessica Pattinson, Alison Weatherhead

The sky does have a limit when it comes to the age of commercial pilots

European Union, Germany, United Kingdom - May 31 2017 The default retirement age in the UK was abolished on 6 April 2011. Since then, some employers have set their own fixed retirement age. However, in…

Ryan Carthew, Sarah Beeby, Michael Bronstein, Elmer Doonan, Gilla Harris

“Can I have my job back?” - reinstatement and re-engagement in the employment tribunal

United Kingdom - May 31 2016 In circumstances where an employment tribunal upholds an unfair dismissal claim, it is open to the tribunal to make an order for reinstatement or…

Ryan Carthew, Sarah Beeby, Michael Bronstein, Gilla Harris

UK points-based immigration system: further details statement

United Kingdom - August 27 2020 In our May newsletter, we brought you details of the new points-based immigration system that the UK is to introduce on 1 January 2021. This was…

Sarah Beeby, Purvis Ghani, Mark Hamilton, Eleanor Hart, Michelle Lamb, Jessica Pattinson, Alison Weatherhead