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Exchange rate risk – lessons when drafting and interpreting contracts

United Kingdom - September 5 2012 Exchange rate risk is a common feature of cross-border commerce.

Tracey Petter

Offer and acceptance "not the last word" in contract formation

United Kingdom - October 14 2021 As law students, we were taught that five key elements must be present for a contract to exist: (i) offer, (ii) acceptance, (iii) consideration, (iv)…

Ashley Morgan

UBS AG, London Branch v. GLAS Trust Corporation Ltd. and another

United Kingdom - July 26 2017 The Commercial Court considered the extent to which it was lawful for a note trustee to adopt and pay expenses incurred by a group of noteholders in…

David Cohen, Alexandra Doucas, Matthew Sapte

Fraudulent misrepresentation by a bank and the ISDA Master Agreement

United Kingdom - November 12 2014 Few claims result in judgments as long as that recently handed down by Mr Justice Males (the Judge) in the litigation between UBS, Kommunale…

Richard Caird, Alexandra Doucas

Court of Appeal dismisses appeal in Property Alliance Group v. RBS

United Kingdom - March 2 2018 The Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal brought by Property Alliance Group Limited (PAG) concerning allegations against The Royal Bank of…

Daren Allen, Richard Caird