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No more free passes on deposition conduct

USA - January 13 2016 In litigation, depositions can be a valuable way to obtain evidence and learn the facts of the case in preparation for trial. In addition, in limited…

Alanna Clair, Randy (J. Randolph) Evans

Five common issues in law firm mergers

Global, USA - September 19 2017 Over the past several years, law firm mergers have become the new normal in the legal industry. It seems that, at one point or another, nearly every…

Randy (J. Randolph) Evans

Good billing practices is an ethical duty

USA - November 21 2016 As 2016 comes to a close, every lawyer is focused on collecting outstanding billings and fees. And many are realizing the bad news that certain…

Alanna Clair, Randy (J. Randolph) Evans

Limits on attorney-client agreements

USA - August 19 2015 Freedom to contract is an important right. Businesses and individuals in the United States are free to enter into contracts as long as those…

Randy (J. Randolph) Evans

Beware: FDCPA applies to work in court

USA - September 16 2015 According to a court's recent decision, in a case of first impression, lawyers can be held liable under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act for…

Randy (J. Randolph) Evans