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Using Clawback Agreements to Lessen the Blow of Discovery Mistakes

USA - February 21 2018 Attorney-client privilege is one of the cornerstones of the attorney-client relationship. Maintaining that privilege is consistent with an attorney’s…

Alanna Clair

Five Tips for Law Firm Associates in Complying With Their Professional Duties

USA - February 7 2018 Associates in law firms have a unique role. Sometimes, they bear the laboring oar of completing legal services under the direction and supervision of…

Alanna Clair

Tips for Handling a Call from the FBI

USA - February 6 2018 For many attorneys, interaction with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies is a completely foreign concept. Many general litigators and corporate…

Alanna Clair

Learning from 2017 and Looking Forward to 2018

USA - January 10 2018 The end of the year is an ideal time for attorneys to look back on the recent developments in legal malpractice law that may impact their practices…

Alanna Clair, Craig Giometti, Keshia Lipscomb

Unfinished Business: The Continuing Impact of 'Jewel v Boxer'

USA - January 3 2018 Like any other business, law firms sometimes fail. While the failures of large law firms are well-publicized, smaller law firms can be just as or even…

Alanna Clair