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How to handle a motion for sanctions

USA - December 22 2015 In recent years, litigation has become, for lack of a better word, litigious, such that motions for sanctions are more commonplace than ever before…

Randy (J. Randolph) Evans

Five mistakes to avoid when facing a legal malpractice claim

USA - December 2 2015 Legal malpractice claims are bad enough. Unfortunately, many attorneys respond in a way that makes them worse, transforming legal malpractice claims…

Randy (J. Randolph) Evans, Lino S. Lipinsky de Orlov

How an attorney should handle a mistake

USA - March 23 2016 Although there are steps that attorneys can take to reduce the likelihood of making an error, mistakes still happen in the course of an…

Alanna Clair, Randy (J. Randolph) Evans

Understanding Statutes of Repose

USA - March 13 2017 A great majority of lawyers know and understand the basics of a statute of limitation. In fact, the term appears so frequently in news reports and…

Alanna Clair, Randy (J. Randolph) Evans

A few words of caution for partners and associates

USA - April 13 2016 Most attorneys are aware that they have duties to act ethically in the practice of law. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to determine where that…

Alanna Clair, Randy (J. Randolph) Evans