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Criminalising bribery in the Kenyan private sector

Kenya - April 26 2017 The Bribery Act, 2016 (the Act) was enacted by the Kenyan Parliament to provide for the prevention, investigation and punishment of bribery, amongst…

Noor Kapdi

Senegal's new Mining Code

Senegal - February 23 2017 In October 2016, the Senegalese Parliament passed a new Mining Code (the New Mining Code), which affects the way mining permits are processed, places…

Daniél Hofmeyr, Noor Kapdi

South Africas Protection of Investment Act

South Africa - January 26 2017 Since 2012, South Africa has terminated the bilateral investment treaties (BITs) with European countries such as Denmark, Spain, Germany, Belgium…

Daniél Hofmeyr, Noor Kapdi, Minal Ramnath

Contracting with the State: State entities setting aside their own decisions

South Africa - December 21 2016 Organs of state are required to comply with a plethora of legislation and policies, specifically relating to procurement and financial management…

Daniél Hofmeyr, Noor Kapdi

"Double Trouble": The Kenyan Constitution and DTAs

Global, Kenya, OECD - November 29 2016 Controversy stalks international corporate taxation. With the integration of national economies and the promotion of Foreign Development…

Daniél Hofmeyr, Noor Kapdi