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National Industrial Participation in South Africa

South Africa - March 29 2016 This contribution considers the regulatory framework of National Industrial Participation (NIP) in South Africa, and specifically sets out the…

Noor Kapdi, Zithu Twala

South Africas Protection of Investment Act

South Africa - January 26 2017 Since 2012, South Africa has terminated the bilateral investment treaties (BITs) with European countries such as Denmark, Spain, Germany, Belgium…

Daniél Hofmeyr, Noor Kapdi, Minal Ramnath

Advertising requirements relating to medical devices in South Africa

South Africa - July 31 2017 In this article, we provide a brief overview of the requirements for the advertisement of medical devices in South Africa...

Daniél Hofmeyr

Criminalising bribery in the Kenyan private sector

Kenya - April 26 2017 The Bribery Act, 2016 (the Act) was enacted by the Kenyan Parliament to provide for the prevention, investigation and punishment of bribery, amongst…

Noor Kapdi

Over-the-counter derivatives in South Africa

European Union, South Africa - February 14 2018 The European Markets and Infrastructure Regulations (EMIR) is a body of European Union law which came into force on 16 August 2012. During the G20…

Michael Denenga, Paola Macchelli