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Notable False Claims Act decision in California attempts to restrict Escobar

USA - September 27 2016 Last Tuesday, September 20, 2016, the US District Court for the Northern District of California held that the Supreme Court’s decision in Universal…

J. Quincy Stott, Christopher W. Myers

Supreme Court to decide whether implied certification theory of False Claims Act liability is viable with likely significant impact on contractor FCA risk

USA - December 9 2015 Last Friday, the US Supreme Court granted certiorari in Universal Health Services, Inc. v. United States and Massachusetts ex rel. Escobar and Correa…

Lawrence S. Ebner, Thomas A. Lemmer, Gale R. Monahan, Christopher W. Myers

Stark Law update: US reaches groundbreaking FCA settlement with hospital

USA - April 29 2014 Earlier this month, a group of related corporate entities that collectively operate All Children's Hospital, a pediatric hospital, in St. Petersburg…

Ramy Fayed, Christopher G. Janney, Paul Kaufman, Gadi Weinreich

U.S. v. Caronia: a rift in prosecution of off-label promotion?

USA - December 12 2012 A recent decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals is being hailed as a potential "game-changing" defeat for federal prosecutors in their pursuit of criminal indictments and civil False Claims Act cases predicated upon the "off-label" promotion and marketing of FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices.

Jeffrey A. Baumel, Peg Donahue Hall, John L. Cleary II, Gadi Weinreich