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The China Africa Joint Arbitration Centre

China, South Africa - January 26 2017 The China-Africa Joint Arbitration Centre (CAJAC) was established in August 2015 to address resolution of commercial disputes between Chinese and…

Daniél Hofmeyr, Simla Ramdayal, Zithu Twala

South Africas Protection of Investment Act

South Africa - January 26 2017 Since 2012, South Africa has terminated the bilateral investment treaties (BITs) with European countries such as Denmark, Spain, Germany, Belgium…

Daniél Hofmeyr, Noor Kapdi, Shahid Sulaiman

Do members of the public have a right to access company records?

South Africa - November 29 2016 This article considers whether members of the public have a right to access a company’s company records such as its securities and directors registers…

Noor Kapdi

The requirement to register BEE transactions

South Africa - August 29 2016 On 6 June 2016, the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) published, with immediate effect, Regulations to the Broad-Based Black…

Noor Kapdi, Shahid Sulaiman

SADC Memorandum of Understanding on Inter-Agency Cooperation in Competition Policy, Law and Enforcement

South Africa - July 29 2016 African countries are moving towards greater cooperation on the enforcement of competition law in cross-border transactions. Member states of the…

Anthony Crane, Noor Kapdi